Yimago Radio 4
Welcome to the mobile of Yimago Radio 4, the radio station that permits you to escape the daily routine and be tansported to a relaxing state of mind. Peaceful and relaxing, quiet and soothing, we are offering to you our unique mix of new age, nature sounds, celtic, and ethnic fusion. If you like our radio station, tell your friends, listen often, and don't forget to share on your favorite social network!
We play new age, environmental (nature sounds), celtic and relaxation music, many from the excellent Dan Gibson's Solitudes series. We also play a few more energetic contemporary instrumental pieces by renowned artists like Yanni and many others. Finally, even though the majority of our programming is instrumental in nature, we present once in a while entrancing songs by new age and celtic artists like Loreena McKennit and pure nature recordings without any music. We play independant artists as well as mainstream new age artists from major labels. We are happy to have a partnership with Paradise Music to feature many of their acclaimed artists and albums.
Our music, songs and nature sounds are the perfect environment to use as an aid to meditation, prayer and all things spiritual; an atmospheric companion to massage, and other spa acitivies; a calming background for studying or the workplace; or a relaxing soundtrack for a romantic evening. The content of our playlist is specifically designed to keep you relaxed and in the zone of a meditative and blissful mood.
Thank You!
Yimago Radio 4. A Yimago production streamed by TorontoCast. All rights reserved.